First Responder Retirement Academy

What do you do when you no longer need your daily adrenaline rush?

The Leaders In First Responder Retirement Coaching

You are retiring from the noble first responder profession.

You’ve been living this fast-paced life of protecting people.

What next?

What’s your new purpose?

We work with retiring and retired first responders who need a clear plan for retirement. For many, their toughest problem is that after a life of service and dedication of helping others, they have not fully prepared for the challenges of retired life. These purpose-driven men and women too many times find themselves unprepared, and confused on what to do or achieve next in life. We help them build the blueprint for their next meaningful journey.

Let’s build the Blueprint for Your Next Journey

You are considering retiring from the noble first responder profession. You’ve been immersed for as long as you can remember in this fast-paced life of protecting, caring and serving your communities. You might even be exhausted by it all, but what happens when it’s all over?

Research shows that a majority of first responders find the transition to retirement much more difficult than they had ever anticipated. As retired first responders, we have made it our life’s mission is to help retiring first responders like you in planning the next phase of your life. It’s time to merge your past experiences with the new opportunities that await you.

Through our personal experience and extensive research, we discovered that first responders typically struggle with loss of purpose, anxiety, depression, and the accrued risk of suicide post-retirement. By the time they retire from an all-encompassing and demanding career, they are fatigued and usually have no real plan to live out the next 20-30 years of their life.

What we achieve together when planning Your Next Journey

  • Define Your Next Purpose & Mission.
  • Develop Your Health Chart.
  • Define Mental Health & Happiness
  • Adopt a Longevity Lifestyle.
  • Plan Your Retirement Geography Map.
  • Find Transition Resources.
  • Draw Your Action Blueprint.

Why The First Responder Retirement Academy?

80% of all retired first respondents are affected by one or more of the following:

  • Loss of life purpose and mission
  • Physical body changes
  • Lack of adequate health care planning,
  • Psychological changes, often severe
  • Loss of strong workplace relationships, leading to deep loneliness
  • Maintaining their marriage after retirement
  • Where to live geographically when retired
  • Planning how to exit the career and what next

The Academy’s Focus

Our objective is to enable you to connect with your natural strength to thrive on your new journey.

Personal insight

Reconnect and clarify your talents, skills, aptitudes and abilities.

Life’s Purpose

Create your “next life” to unleash your passion and energy for your life’s purpose and calling.


Find ways to align yourself and maintain balance in all aspects of your life


Find new ways to creatively expand your service by making a difference in your community and around the world.


Learn how to live a long, healthy, happy life through daily practices and the latest research on the longevity prescriptions.

Next Chapter Action Plan

Start now designing and implementing the next chapter of your Life.


“I needed this seminar, I was stuck. You gave me a pathway back to my family”
“The instructors were very enthusiastic, got and kept my attention.”
“These are actual tools that assist in every form of my life.”
“I really appreciate the real-life stories. Casual learning environment, team approach. Well organized and developed. Thank you!”

“Highly recommend to all retiring first responders!”

“The instructors! Hands down, very experienced, knowledgeable and prepared. I feel I have a great start.”

The 4 key outcomes of a personalized blueprint

We take into account the all key factors when creating a retirement plan just with you

  1. Experience retirement in a more meaningful way.
  2. Develop balance in your life.
  3. Formulate a plan to keep relevant, connected and active.
  4. Unlock & expand your potential.

The Academy’s Focus

The 12 Point Retirement Decision Checklist.

Is it time?

Do I have a real plan?

The First Responder Retirement Study

The 12 Points for Healthy Aging

The Five Pillars

Retirement Financial Security

The 4 Layers of Retirement Geography:

“Where Do I Want to Live?”

To Putting Your Personal Affairs in Order
The Active Lifestyle Model
The 7 Keys to Retiring Happy

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Couples Retreats

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Conference Speaking
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First Responder Retirement Academy

Jim & Susan’s Backgrounds

With a combined 31 years (Jim) and 34 years (Susan) of California first responder experience at 4 different police agencies, building peer support programs for public safety agencies and the military and a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, we have been teaching first responders across the country and in parts of Europe for the past 37 years, winning variety of awards in the process.

There is no other academy that offers superior and tailored retirement planning programs that possesses the deep experience of purpose driven performers.

Our story in law enforcement

“Hi Susan, I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Retirement class that you and Jim presented. It truly relieved much of my anxiety and gave me a roadmap to success in my future pursuits after this stage of my working life.
Facing the challenges of retirement from law enforcement head-on with all the pathways that you both brought to the forefront gave me a new found confidence in jumping into the next stage of my life.
Before the class, I was so stressed out about retirement, that I wasn’t feeling good about the end of this juncture. At 58 years old (next month), I knew I couldn’t continue this way like a [spring chicken]. I was afraid to pull the plug. As we get older, we just have to face the music that we are not in our 20’s anymore.
To remind myself of this very fact, I just had to laugh about being the oldest woman out on patrol as I start to feel new aches and pains… LOL. Thank you both so very much!”
30 year Veteran Women Police Officer

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